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  • EPDM Rubber Granules Price

    EPDM Rubber Granules Price EPDM rubber granules price is different to crumb from old tires of a car. This granules, depending on preferences of the consumer, can have the most various fractional sizes – from 0 to 3 millimeters. It is ideal raw materials for production...
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  • EPDM Crumb Rubber

    EPDM Crumb Rubber EPDM crumb rubber is synthetic rubber that has very broad reach today and is recognized as leading experts in the world as high quality material. One of the many areas of use of EPDM granules are covers for open sports and playgrounds. At the same time, the...
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  • Indoor Artificial Grass Carpet

    Indoor Artificial Grass Carpet There are many types of carpet grass. You need to understand the different features of each carpet grass to appreciate the benefit. Then you can always choose the best fake grass that is most suitable to your needs. Artificial carpet grass is...
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  • Indoor Golf Turf

    Indoor Golf Turf Indoor Golf Turf allows you to take your indoor sports space to the next level. For large indoor activities, this manual mower is very easy to install and maintain. By adding a foam pad attached to the shock absorber and greater stability, this imaginary lawn...
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  • Indoor Football Turf

    Indoor Football Turf Tianlu Indoor Football Turf provides artificial turf on the highest performance indoor turf soccer flooring available. Indoor artificial turf is designed to be the most durable and superior product for player safety. It is easy to clean, meets and exceeds...
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  • Imitation Turf Grass

    Imitation Turf Grass When considering Imitation Turf Grass cost it’s important to understand not all lawns are the same quality, you can buy cheap fake turf from the Internet and more often than not you will be disappointed. These synthetic lawns are much like carpets...
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  • Pet Friendly Artificial Grass

    Pet Friendly Artificial Grass No more muddy paws in your backyard or in your house. No more bald spots or dead pot of urine. Imagine the surface of your pet's grass that your cats will not be able to dig, will not fade into the sun and require little or no maintenance!...
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  • Outdoor Artificial Grass Carpet

    Outdoor Artificial Grass Carpet Outdoor Artificial Grass Carpet is made of polypropylene and polyethylene raw material instead of some manufacturers using recycled material. The artificial grass carpet is fade resistant, durable. This artificial grass is perfect for any deck...
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  • Indoor Soccer Turf Carpet

    Indoor Soccer Turf Carpet Indoor Soccer Turf Carpet is easy to install and have a low cost of labor and maintenance. An incomparable manufacturer is a football field and at the same time is a builder of football stadiums. Outdoor soccer fields, indoor soccer fields and a...
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  • Indoor Synthetic Turf

    Indoor Synthetic Turf Indoor Synthetic Turf e is environment-friendly material artificial grass. Synthetic turf is not just for the outdoors. Now more than ever synthetic turf is being installed inside. Not just in a public facility but many greens are installed in the...
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  • Indoor Soccer Artificial Turf

    Indoor Soccer Artificial Turf Indoor Soccer Artificial Turf is a special variety of artificial turf that must meet very specific requirements. We offer an extensive range of professional quality artificial turf for sports - at attractive prices. If you have trouble choosing...
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  • Indoor Gym Turf

    Indoor Gym Turf Our Indoor Gym Turf selection includes 10 mm artificial turf with low weight up to 45 mm of high Dtex artificial turf. We offer artificial turf which is flax but long lasting, natural grass feeling. Artificial turf can be installed in gyms on indoor soccer...
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