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  • EPDM Rubber Granules for Runway

    EPDM Rubber Granules for Runway With high elasticity, the EPDM granules are mixed into rubber playground to avoid the reflection of strong light. The products can be matched in multiple colors. ● Non-slip,non-static and high flexibility ● Capable of withstanding wear and tear...
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  • EPDM Rubber Granules for Artificial Grass

    EPDM Rubber Granules for Artificial Grass The plastic playground mixed with special colored rubber granules of SKYROAD brand will not be depigmentized, pulverized or softened by UR, ozone or acid rain. The fresh colors can be kept for a long period. ● Resistance to color...
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  • Colorful EPDM Rubber Granules

    Colorful EPDM Rubber Granules Colored EPDM rubber granules are numerous in variety. They are moulded by mixing and stirring exclusive use adhesive, pigments, catalysts, antioxidant, ultraviolet absorbents, etc. ● EPDM rubber granules colors are fresher and brighter. With...
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  • High Elasticity EPDM Rubber Granules

    High Elasticity EPDM Rubber Granules The rubber floor tiles have the advantages of rich colors, elegant appearance, novel moisture-proof, shock-proof, anti-static, ventilation, wear resistance, deformation and easy cleaning which is your ideal ground material. ● Good...
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  • Recycled Rubber Granules

    Recycled Rubber Granules Recycled rubber granules is made of waste tire scraps that features environment-friendly, economic and no harm to people. Our factory can meet your amounts of purchase quantity need. Packaging Details: 25kg/bag. It can be shipped by pallet. 40...
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  • Glue for Artificial Grass

    Glue for Artificial Grass Product Advantages ● Environmental-friendly (conforms to GB 18583-2008 Standard.) ● Non-toxic. ● Cold-resistant, themostable (Up to 45℃) ● Water-proof (After constructions 48 hours latter, until resin solidified) ● Frost-proof(Below 30℃) ● Service...
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  • Glue for Rubber Granules

    Glue for Rubber Granules Product Description Simple component polyurethane adhesive is suitable for the paving of stadiums and sports fields. It has good adhesive property to cement and asphalt. The product has the advantages of uniform color, good elasticity, strong...
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